My aim has been to develop a visual language that embodies vitalist principles of interconnectedness, interdependence and creativity. These principles celebrate the moment, the point of contact both with the past and future and with the world around us. Direct experience, through the senses, is our point of contact with the world. I want the viewer to want to reach out and touch the work, to continue the connection and to experience the work now.

In these paintings, multi-layered, veiled, interlocking and interpenetrating forms and colours acknowledge a debt to our cultural, ecological and social heritage, a richly woven fabric whose threads we pick up and continue; an outward-looking and organic process. Layers recede as the final marks become thicker and more tactile, creating a more physical and factual presence. Edges and tangents are energised with texture and colour, metaphors for the vitality and optimism of the creative potential of the moment.

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