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Turnford Pipelines Limited

Turnford Pipelines Ltd.
Arcroft Building,
Marsh Lane,
United Kingdom.
SG12 9QN
Tel:  01920 486633
Fax: 01920 486655
Turnford Pipelines Limited, established in 1977 are a Local Authority Approved Contractor providing drainage inspection, repair and sewer cleansing services to Local Authorities, Water Utilities and Public Companies.

Using our CCTV equipment, we can survey and inspect sewers from 150 mm to 2 m in diameter for pre-adoption of drainage systems. Written reports and colour video tapes of sewers permit accurate recognition and diagnosis of potential problems.

Turnford Pipelines combined unit

Our fleet of Vactors, specialised multipurpose sewer cleansing vehicles, can clean sewers from 100 mm to 1.2 metres in diameter and are available for both routine maintenance and emergency work.




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