Lost in Hurworth - 65 Appleby's

Dave Appleby of Pennsylvania USA has traced his family history back to Hurworth

Are you an Appleby, Chambers, Howe, Livingston or Wade still residing in Hurworth,

if so and you think you may know or be related to the descendants of James Appleby and Ann Bell who where married at Sockburn Church in 1805, Dave Appleby would like to hear from you, see his message in the Guestbook.

Some of the older members of Hurworth and Dinsdale have memories of several families of Appleby's living in the area.

By using the Internet to search for family records, David has accomplished in two years what would probably take 20 years and many trips back and forth to inspect church records. He has traced traced his relatives across 3 continents, America, Australia, before returning to his family roots in Hurworth. In common, with many other families, several family members emigrated to Australia and America. Two third cousins, twice removed, descended from Christopher, who emigrated to Australia in the 1800's have been found.

Luck has also played apart, whether it has been through meeting a few helpful people, Cooper Harding from Thirsk at the beginning of his journey, stumbling across the Hurworth web site and Alison Watson from Hurworth IT Consultants near the end of his journey or simply finding people eager to share their memories.

David would like to meet any surviving Appleby's or relatives still living in the Hurworth/Darlington area. He will be visiting All Saints Church, Hurworth and family graves on Thursday November 23rd. You can contact David and read his message in the Guestbook. at www.Hurworth.com.

In brief, the Appleby family tree has been traced back to Henry (b1665) and Mary (nee Lister) Appleby (d1700) who were married in Ripon in 1687.

James Appleby married Ann Bell on 23/11/1805 at Sockburn Church, near Neasham and had 7 children. From their children, William married Mary Howe and also had 7 children, John married Ann Chambers and Robert married Elizabeth Wade.

According to the 1881 British census, Great, Great, Great grandfather William Appleby lived in Hurworth with his wife Mary, son William, and granddaughter Margaret. Other children (James, William, Ellen, Thompson - Great, Great, grandfather, and George) were born in Hurworth and subsequently moved.

William's brothers, Henry and John also lived in Hurworth with their families. Henry with his wife Rachael, their children James, Henry, Margaret, Mary, Thomas, and Emily. John lived with his daughter, Margaret Livingston and her children, Lancelot and Sarah Livingston.

Some of the older members of the village still remember several Appleby families. Thompson Appleby lived in the cottages opposite the Emerson Arms before they were demolished. Sheila Flynn (nee Appleby, still lives in Hurworth). Approximately, 25 Appleby's are listed in the Darlington telephone directory.
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