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BBQ. favourites

All these recipes can be barbecued or grilled

Wrinkly potatoes

Cook twice as many as you think you need, your guests will love them.
Potatoes. Wash and lightly scrub new potatoes leaving the skin on. Cook in boiling salted water, try to avoid splitting the skins. Drain water and drizzle potatoes with olive oil, sprinkle with rock salt and freshly ground pepper.

Place on barbecue (medium heat), turn occasionally until the skin browns and wrinkles.

The potatoes can be cooked in advance and left to go cold and finished on the BBQ. later.

Roast belly pork

Cooking time is about 3 hours, add fuel to the BBQ. periodically.
Pork. Ask your butcher for a rack of belly pork with bones in and skin on. Pour boiling water over pork, pat dry with kitchen roll, and rub with salt. Leave to dry for 45 minutes then score skin with sharp knife in diamond pattern.

For Chinese flavourings, mix soy sauce with five spice powder and paint the entire joint.

Using a kettle barbecue, start cooking over medium to high heat and brown all over, then place skin side up and put the lid on the BBQ. with air holes fully open and leave to cook for 2½ hours or until cooked to satisfaction.

To serve, remove crackling, slice meat and cut between ribs.

Tasty chicken wings

Great finger food, but cook chicken thoroughly

Season with salt and pepper, BBQ. or grill until cooked through.

Marinade for at least 15 minutes in oil, crushed ginger and garlic. Cook on BBQ., baste frequently with mixture of fresh orange juice and marmalade.

Marinade for at least 30 minutes in olive oil with dill, oregano, garlic and chilli (to taste). BBQ. or grill until cooked through.


Our party piece,

we dare not drop them from the menu
Bananas. Whilst eating your main course, casually throw ripe/overripe bananas on the BBQ.. Turn over when the skin is blackened and the banana yields slightly to the touch.

When cooked, slice lengthways, open out slightly, add a splash of liqueur (we use Cointreau or rum) and serve.


Be careful, the inside will be extremely hot
Marshmallows. As the BBQ. dies down, and the temperature falls, gather your guests around the BBQ. and give them a longish wooden skewer each and a plate of large marshmallows.

Toast marshmallows until outside has puffed up and caramelized, then eat.

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This page updated October 25th 1999.