Hedgehog Rescue

A late night phone call and Alison dashes off to collect a hedgehog in distress.

Chompy the Hedgehog The victim was a juvenile hedgehog found wandering in a listless and confused state and apparently unware of his surroundings and potential threats.

Normally, hedgehogs are very alert and will curl into a ball or prepare for a quick sprint if they feel threatened.

Upon closer examination, he was found to be underweight with a tick lodged deep inside his left ear and a moderate case of mites with patches of severe irritation on areas of bare skin.
With the latest in hedgehog rehabiliation equipment, large box, lined with shredded newspaper, cat food and rubber gloves. Alison takes charge.

After 4 nights with regular food, water and treatment for the tick and mites, Chompy the hedgehog had put on 60g in weight and was feeling feisty enough to try and escape from his box and the exercise herb garden.

Chompy was released in Rockcliffe court, well away from roads and slug pellets. He was last seen shuffling off into the undergrowth, back in hedgehog paradise.

Hedgehogs are wild animals and do not make good pets.

They are smelly, not toilet trained and quite frankly, boring. They sleep all day and are only active late at night. They also carry unwanted guests, ticks, fleas and mites. If you see a hedgehog, please leave it alone, unless it is obviously showing signs of distress, injury or out in daylight hours.

Hedgehogs should never be given milk, it gives them the runs and can lead to dehydration and eventually death. Cat food goes down well, preferably mixed with some crushed digestive biscuits for roughage. Fresh water is always welcome.

If in doubt, contact a Hedgehog Preservation Society, e.g. Cleveland or Newton Aycliffe or a friendly Vet. You can find more about hedgehogs and Preservation/Welfare societies on the Internet.