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 Photo Gallery - Request
Hurworth IT Consultants

29 Woodland Way,


County Durham.

DL2 2HQ.

Tel: 01325 721660
1). Fill in the form or email us to expect your photo.

2). Send photograph or computer disc (PC format) with photograph on it, to us with a stamped self addressed envelope and £15.00 to HITC at the address shown on this page.

3). Indicate required display date and any accompanying text if required, (max 20 words).

4). HITC will display the image as a thumbnail along with other photographs with a link to a separate page with the final size image together with your text for a maximum of 30 days.

5). HITC will notify you and upto 3 others of the page location if email addresses are supplied.


The final image will be of similar size to those shown on the Rogues gallery page.

We reserve the right ...

to resize the image as necessary to conserve band width.

Reject and return unsuitable photographs with a refund minus a handling charge
   Please enter your name

and your email address

Telephone number (if you want us to call you back).


you can email direct


Please indicate celebration


New baby


and any comments


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