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 How do I find...   Finding information on the web is more difficult than it needs to be. However, there are three sources of help,

search engines - index web sites and try to match your keywords to entries in their database,
directory pages - sort web sites into categories and allow you to drill down to the article you're looking for, and
downloadable software - searches existing databases and provides a list of web pages.
Search engines.

These are our favourites.
  The first two have no adverts on them, the others have relatively few compared to the more well known sites.   www.google.com
    Download and install webferret, then enter your keywords. It will return up to 500 web pages if available.    www.webferret.com
Just looking

A mine of information
  Data mining and information at your finger tips for almost every subject imaginable..   www.about.com

Online Maps.

The maps we use on our site.Only one contender, this is a superb site.

The red star is centred on the Spar shop in the village at postcode DL2 2HA.

You can visit Mapquest by clicking on the map. Once there, select online maps and enter your postcode.

Travel directions -

postcode to postcode and coming soon door to door


Telephone Numbers   Directory enquiries from BT

International Directories
  Online Directory
About my street   Lots of interesting facts about your neighbourhood. House prices, crime rate, schools, etc...   Upmystreet
Medical Advice

readily available

but not always reliable.
  Lots of information available from medical organisations and self help groups, but don't forget to ask your GP for advice.   Intelihealth
Health Oasis
www.nih.gov - for professionals.
Last minute bargains   This is the one that's been on the television recently   www.lastminute.com
Japanese food   Check out chopstick etiquette...
know your tombstone chopsticks from your clashing chopsticks.

A must for the pc flight sim jocks
  - The official site for Microprose Falcon 4
Extremely popular Falcon 4 site

Cheaper books   Substantial discounts, but add postage to the cheaper books, it may be possible to buy them on special offer locally.   www.amazon.co.uk
Buy a computer online

We recommend these
  These are the mainstream mail order companies. HITC look here first.   www.dell.co.uk,
    For peripherals look here   www.simply.co.uk
Computer questions and answers   Us of course. See our Qustion and Answers page or ask using our feedback form or email   Q&A
Satellite pictures   Unfortunately, Terraserver have removed pictures of North East England, but London and South Wales are still available.   www.terraserver.com


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