Sketch Pad - a mish mash of ideas and a testing ground for things that may not make it to the front page. 


Just a bit of fun...

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For my friend Pete C

Sound fileDoh


What the jet jocks fly...

Falcon 1.08 patch now available..

Wanna Play... mail me.




"it was short... it was brutal... it was intense.."

experience the thrill of playing against another person

or team up and play against the computer

Network games, a new dimension.

    Doom, Duke Nukem, Quake, Unreal, Red Alert, Diablo, Command and Conquer, Nascar Racing, F1 Grand Prix, Colin Macree Rally, EF2000, Top Gun, Combat Flight Simulator, Falcon 4.

When you've defeated the computer, get online, internet, modem or games networks.


Now add real time voice, talk to your team 

spacer a FREE voice radio for your favorite games


Remember Breakout.... its back.... 






This a big download (75 kb). You should disconnect before playing.