Flooding returns to Croft, Hurworth and Neasham, June 4th, 2000.

Underwater arches at Croft Bridge

The smallest arch of Croft Bridge re-emerges as the flood waters recede.

The recently improved flood defences on the Croft side, hold back the river Tees.  

Raised embankments keep the water away

Hoping the sand bags will keep the water out.

  But on the Hurworth side, residents try to protect their property with sand bags.

 Looking up and downstream from Croft bridge.

 Thats an awful lot of water up there

 Thats an awful lot of water down there.

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At the east end of Hurworth, the Iron bridge stands above the water, the bridge builders have clearly made allowance for the river flooding.

Iron bridge, still above water

The green bar in these pictures is the river bank, the water level is normally about 10 ft lower.  

underwater garden

log on the starboard bow.

  This 12 ft log passed through the bridge superstructure without making contact, much to the relief of the watchers and the photographer.

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